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Hello! I’m Sean. I’m a software engineering leader with an interest in making computing better human creativity.

Currently, I’m Director of Design Engineering at Adobe. In the past, I worked as an engineer on Adobe Express, managed layout and accessibility engineering teams working on Firefox, built web-based tools for making animated VR and AR comics at Madefire, and led prototype engineering in Adobe’s Design Studio.

I’m originally from California, and live with my wife and kids in the San Francisco bay area. I studied computer science at UCLA and at the (radically interdisciplinary and sadly now shuttered) Arts Computation Engineering program at UC Irvine.

On this site I mostly share insights from my research and reading related to software design and development. You’ll find a variety of writing on topics related to human-computer interaction, UX, philosophy of technology, ethics, and software engineering leadership. These are some questions that help guide my writing:

Of course, I reserve the right to write about other things too.

If anything I write resonates with you, please feel free to send me a note or find me on Mastodon. You can also subscribe to updates on this blog via email or RSS.

Needless to say, views and opinions expressed on this site are purely my own and not representative of my employer.