Sean Voisen

Compassionate Communications

Compassionate Communications began as a kind of dream: To build system that would allow people around the world to send messages of hope and encouragement to those facing life-threatening illnesses, while simulatenously helping the charities that fund the research to combat those illnesses. In collaboration with Hallmark cards, we built a website that allowed anyone to do just that. Place your order, choose your recipients, and five custom-designed, pre-addressed, pre-stamped Hallmark cards would arrive in the mail ready for your words and your pen.

The website was built with Ruby on Rails, and the majority of the design and development was undertaken by me alone. Nevertheless, I had some very welcome and necessary assistance tackling Active Merchant and payment processing from my friend and former co-worker, Daniel Wanja.

Compassionate Communications was a fantastic, but short-lived, success. In all, we sent hundreds of cards to children and adults battling a variety of forms of cancer. But in the end, we didn’t have enough sales nor the financial backing to keep the non-profit afloat.


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