Sean Voisen

PigeonBlog 2.0

PigeonBlog 2.0 is the second iteration of UCI Professor Beatriz da Costa’s PigeonBlog project. As a graduate student researcher, I wrote the firmware and built the hardware for this camera and GPS-enabled bird tracking unit. It was ultimately used by scientists in the field to track the flights and whereabouts of gannets — large seabirds (up to 2 meter wingspan) living off the coast of South Africa.

Hardware: The unit consists entirely of off-the-shelf components, including a 3.3V/8MHz Arduino Pro Mini, microSD socket, subminiature GPS unit, COMedia C328R serial camera, and 3.7V lithium-ion battery.

Software: As part of this project I developed and released an open source C++ driver library for the COMedia C328R camera. The remainder of the code was written using the Arduino environment and standard Arduino libraries. The firmware’s behavior is fairly straightforward: Images and GPS coordinates are fetched at regular intervals, then stored on the unit’s microSD card in a proprietary file format. Field researchers can later fetch the data from the device over UART serial using a custom application written in Java.


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