Sean Voisen

SFMOMA Self-Composed

In May 2016, after being closed for more than 3 years, SFMOMA reopened, expanding its space by over 100,000 sq. ft., and tripling the exhibition space available for photography. As part of this expansion, the museum added the Photographic Interpretive Gallery, where visitors were invited to look deeper at the practice of photography through interactive experiences.

SFMOMA asked our team at Adobe to design and build one of the experiences for the new gallery. The result was “Self-Composed,” a photo booth that offers a new take on the phenomenon of the “selfie.” Inspired by analog photography techniques like the photogram, Self-Composed asks museum visitors to craft an image of themselves using the objects they carry on an everyday basis.

As a technical lead on the project, I implemented the video and image processing pipeline, using OpenGL shaders to color convert and combine the live video streams from two Blackmagic 4k cameras into the final output.

Self-Composed won a Comm Arts Interactive Award in 2017.



Photo 0

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4