A very brief list of projects I’ve worked on and positions I’ve held.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Engineering lead for web and desktop creative tools

Currently managing technical partnerships with web browser vendors, and serving as an engineering lead for new web-based creative tools. Previously worked as a graphics engineer on Adobe XD.


Engineering manager for layout and accessibility in Firefox

Served as engineering manager for the teams responsible for layout, CSS and accessibility in Gecko, the browser engine that powers Firefox.


Creative tools engineering for comic books

Led design and engineering of a web-based tool for authoring animated 2D and 3D comic books to run on VR and AR in Oculus and Magic Leap.


Self-composed interactive installation

Wrote camera management and video processing code for the Self-composed installation at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Photos and video are available on the SFMoMA website.

Adobe Design

Engineering management for design-driven prototyping

Led engineering in Adobe’s Design Studio, a cadre of designers and developers prototyping new products and features for creative tools. Worked on the first versions of digital magazines such as Wired and The New Yorker for iPad.