Books I read in 2019

Making time to read as a parent of small children is no small feat. I applaud anyone who manages to find the time to read even one book a year while simultaneously suffering(?)/enjoying(?) life in this temporary, albeit rewarding role. It’s not simply a matter of lack of time; it’s a matter of lack of energy. Little kids are exhausting.

Despite it all, in 2019 I managed to read more books than I anticipated I would (I had very low expectations after the birth of our second child), aided significantly by the wonders of e-book technology. As much as I prefer reading on paper (something about the tactileness makes the reading experience more memorable), e-books are better suited to parent life. You can read in the dark, synchronized across multiple devices, and never have to remember to take anything other than your phone with you. This is perfect when you find yourself stuck in the car with a sleeping child, or waiting in a dark room at night for your toddler to fall back asleep, or want to sneak in a page here or there when the kids are playing. I get most of my reading done during nap time, or just before I go to bed.

Because I tend to read a mix of paper and e-books, I usually end up reading two in parallel, and alternating books based on the format that suits the situation. Context decides the medium.

Surprisingly, I didn’t read any fiction in 2019, which is unusual for me. I try to keep a healthy balance of fiction and non-fiction, usually a 30/70 split, in that order. Instead, this year it was mostly a mix of management books and books on technology’s impact on society.

Here’s the list, in chronological order, including medium (printed book or e-book):